Introducing hydrotherm transformational massage by Ben Barnett

January 8, 2012 |  by  |  Naturopathy

As we’re heading into an exciting and inspirational new year, I wanted to introduce you to a new(ish) addition to the team here at North London Clinic, and give you a special gift for the beginning of a very special year.

Ben Barnett is a Holistic therapist of 16+ years experience, formerly of Harvey Nichols and Harrods and has worked with Kylie Minogue and her stylist William Baker amongst others.

He is offering you as new clients the opportunity to have either:

  • a FREE 15 min back neck and shoulders massage (normally £30) or:
  • a 30 min Back Neck and Shoulders massage at 50% discount (cost £30) or:
  • a Full Hydrotherm Transformational Hydrotherm massage at 30% discount (cost £32)

What is Hydrotherm?

Hydrotherm is an advancement in comfort, relaxation and effectiveness in massage therapy.

You lay on cushions of warm water, on your back the whole time, while Ben massages your key areas of stress and tension 3-dimensionally. This means no pressure on your face or chest, no turning over and no neck issues. It is ideal for older and pregnant clients too.

During the massage Ben takes you on a guided visualisation connecting various parts of the body with the thoughts and emotions that trigger tension in them. This releases tension in the corresponding areas consciously and helps you release those issues when you go back into your normal daily life.

Click here for a video demo/interview of Ben in action or for more details take a look at Ben’s website or Facebook page.

These offers must be booked by 31st January and are subject to availability until 29th February 2012. Call 020 7411 9824 for more details.

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