10 immune boosting, flu preventing tips for a healthier more resilient you

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As the cold and flu season is now upon us, and there’s talk of whether or not to have a flu jab… I’ve listed 10 natural and easy tips that will not only give your immune system a boost, but you’ll feel great by going back to the basics and helping kick start your body’s own innate healing mechanisms…

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Is colonic irrigation dangerous to your health?

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There have been numerous recent articles in the press about the dangers of colonic irrigation. Had I not personally been having colonics for over 7 years, I too would have been scared of talk of kidney failure and bowel ruptures.

The most important thing to remember is to visit a reputable clinic and better still a colonic hydrotherapist who has been recommended to you. After all not all therapists are the same! I also recommend speaking to the therapist before booking an appointment to make sure you feel comfortable with them personally; ask them to explain the treatment to you. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, find someone else…

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Worried about getting ill this winter?

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As autumn and winter are fast approaching, I am delighted to offer my special autumn/winter health detox to help get you strong & protected for this winter of cold, wet and damp weather.

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