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To book a colonic irrigation treatment please contact Deborah Laniado or call 020 7411 9824.

Steve Nobel

"Just one day after the session, I feel a lot clearer and more in control of my health."

—Steve Nobel, Alternatives, London

Treatment Price Book
First colonic irrigation
(60-90 mins, £15 discount with voucher on right)
£85 (normally £100) 020 7411 9824
Repeat treatments £90 020 7411 9824
Deposit £40
3 x colonic treatments.

Costs £80 instead of £90 per treatment (save £30).
£240 020 7411 9824
6 x colonic treatments.

Costs £75 instead of £90 per treatment (save £90).
£450 020 7411 9824
10 x colonic treatments.

Costs £70 instead of £90 per treatment (save £200).
£700 020 7411 9824
Detox special
(one colonic, one live blood analysis, one far infra-red sauna, 10-day supply of detox herbs—save £50)
£180 020 7411 9824

Susse Wedel

"The experience was absolutely amazing and I felt better for it.

Debbie was extremely professional, gentle and understanding. I would definitely recommend anyone considering having a colonic to see Debbie."

—Susse Wedel, Naturopath


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Terms and conditions

  • Please give 24 hours notice for changes to your appointment.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • No financial details are stored on this website.

Call Deborah on 020 7411 9824 for a free phone consultation, check out our prices, or:

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If you've already booked an appointment, please check out these 7 tips for how to prepare for a comfortable colonic.

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Convenient location

North London Colonics
192 Goldhurst Terrace
West Hampstead


First 60-90 minute treatment is £85 (normally £100, see voucher above)

Repeats are £90.

See prices for more deals.

Clinic hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Experienced therapists

Deborah Laniado (CNM, ARCH, Dip. Herb) is an experienced colonic hydrotherapist with 100s of satisfied London clients.

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