What's supposed to happen in your body?

Now we know what causes constipation, let's look at what's supposed to happen when you eat and drink. The human digestive system (also called the digestive tract), consists of a 7-8 metre muscular tube running from the mouth to the anus. It is designed to ingest and digest food, absorb nutrients in that food and then eliminate the waste via your anus.

The human digestive system

The human digestive system with annotations

The diagram above shows the digestive process in more detail. You swallow your food by choice, but once the swallow begins, it becomes involuntary and under the control of your nerves.

Swallowed food is first pushed into the oesophagus, a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Food is then gradually passed into the stomach by means of a sphincter, that periodically opens and closes, allowing the food through. The food is then mixed up with digestive juice produced by the stomach and the gloop is then emptied into the small intestine.

During the journey through the small intestine, the digested nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls and transported throughout the body. What's left is the waste, which is pushed into the the large intestine (the colon), where it remains until you have a bowel movement.

That's what's supposed to happen, and usually, it's a pretty efficient system!

Understand how your body works

The body is an integrated, complex network of many different systems. Yet all these systems are connected to each other; you cannot affect one system with out it impacting on another. This is fundamental in understanding why natural medicine is so effective in healing the body from chronic illness. It looks at the body from a holistic perspective, considering the energetics of a person, what symptoms they are suffering from, how they impact the whole body and then constructs a treatment plan based on treating the root cause of the problems rather than focusing on the symptoms.

If you understand that faeces is waste matter that the body needs to eliminate on a regular basis to remain healthy, it stands to reason that if the body is unable to regularly empty its bowels fully, then over time toxic molecules from the impacted faeces in the bowel slowly leach out into the bloodstream. Long term this leads to an increased toxic load on the body, which puts more pressure on the liver and other organs of detoxification, as they have to work harder to keep the body from being poisoned by these toxins.

The digestive system showing the liver

 Over time, these organs become tired and start slowly to work less efficiently, leading to a higher level of toxins entering the bloodstream.

Eventually, you may start to notice that you are feeling more tired and sluggish than usual, your immune system may be weaker, and you are picking up more colds and flus than ever before. Or you notice that you are getting spots, allergies, hayfever, asthma or eczema now, when you didn’t previously, or if you did, it's getting worse.

All these common conditions are examples of a more toxic body (not necessarily just due to constipation). But they are messages that something is not right—a warning—to take some action now and change your lifestyle.

It really is that simple.

However, if you do not listen to your body, and take a pill, or a laxative or something else to temporarily ease the discomfort you are feeling, then your body has to find another way to tell you something is wrong. These messages become stronger and stronger until you are unable to ignore them any longer. This is often the case when individuals develop cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes or some other life threatening degenerative disease.

It’s just about working out what your body needs you to do to make it happy again. And in return, you’ll find you are living a pain-free, vital, energetic life in balance with your body and nature.

I try and help my patients understand the difference between natural medicine and conventional medicine by giving them the analogy of a tree, a disease tree.

What to learn about the disease tree?

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