7 Ways to Prepare for a Comfortable Colonic
Deborah Laniado, CNM Dip. Herb

Colonic irrigation is a powerful step towards taking control of your health, so here are my top 7 tips for preparing your body and mind for a comfortable colonic.

1. Drink between 1 to 2 litres of water

This hydrates your body which softens the stools and make them easier to pass. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to help support the liver and enhance the detox effect of the colonic.

2. Eat organic soup and stews

Add plenty of vegetables as these are easy to digest. A nourishing organic soup or stew adds fibre to your diet which again makes your stools easier to pass. Make sure you chew each mouthful well before you swallow as this helps the food break down and enables your gut to absorb the nutrients.

3. Drink a large glass of vegetable juice

For a rich boost of vitamins and minerals my favourite ingredients are: 3 x beetroot, 1 whole cucumber, 2 x carrots, a handful of parsley and a quarter inch of ginger. This juice will help organs used in the detox process such as your colon, kidneys and liver eliminate toxins more efficiently from your body.

4. No alcohol, fizzy drinks or coffee

These artificial stimulants are high in sugar, dehydrate your body and won't help you relax and let go. Artificial stimulants also aggravate the gut which causes inflammation and bloating and could mean a less comfortable treatment.

5. Avoid processed foods

McDonalds, microwave meals, bread, pasta, cheese and even milk and yogurts all aggravate digestion and cause bloating.

6. Drink herbal tea

Peppermint, camomile, ginger and cardamon are all good for promoting good digestion and dispelling gas.

And finally...

7. Massage your abdomen

Before going to sleep gently massage your belly from right to left to help loosen stools that have attached themselves to the colon walls. This will help you release more easily and encourages a more comfortable experience.


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