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Rowena Rolt

Billy Gillard

Susse Wedel

Steve Nobel

Alex Anderngondi

Miriam Till

Ian Warrener


Steve Nobel

Just one day after the session, I feel a lot clearer and more in control of my health.

—Steve Nobel, Alternatives, London


Miriam Till

When I first visited Deborah naturally I was a little anxious due to the nature of the visit. In all honesty I did not realise that the 'part' I had feared had already taken place! I thought she was joking when she assured me that the speculum was already inserted.

The first treatment took around 60 minutes, but felt like only 10 minutes. It was a wonderful feeling.

—Miriam Till


Susse Wedel

After having an unpleasant experience with colonics some years back, I was apprehensive about trying again.

But I'm so glad I did.

The experience was absolutely amazing and I felt better for it.

Deborah was extremely professional, gentle and understanding. I would definitely recommend anyone considering having a colonic to see Deborah.

—Susse Wedel, Naturopath


Billy Gillard

When I first visited Deborah, I must admit that, it was not without a little of fear. I have had one colonic in the past but I did not find it very beneficial, and the whole process felt a bit impersonal.

But a mutual friend said that she had had the same experience, that Deborah was totally different in her approach, and was quite 'brilliant' at her profession.

My first impression was fantastic. I was greeted by Deborah with a warm smile and the sound of peaceful music. I immediately felt that I was being taken care of and that everything would be ok... and it was.

The treatment lasted about 50 minutes and I must admit I felt tired afterwards for a couple of hours, which Deborah had warned me about, so again I felt I was being looked after. The treatment went very smoothly and I really did not feel hardly anything at all.

The great thing for me was that the next day, not only did my insides feel great but so did my head. I felt really clear and alive... a feeling that had been lost for some years.

Deborah also went through my diet and adjusted it. Since changing my diet, I have maintained my healthy feeling and am very greatful to Deborah for her help in getting me into this state of being.

—Billy Gillard


Alex Anderngondi

The communication process from beginning to end was very clear and precise.

I had reservations regarding the process, but after dealing with Miss Laniado I find that more people should be made aware of the benefits of going natural and having this form of treatment.

I will visit again,thank you.

—Alex Anderngondi


Ian Warrener

I needed to lose weight to get fit for an operation. Having tried a few diets in the past, I found them somewhat unreliable.

I needed help; a guide to show me the way to better nutrition and sensible eating. I had the immense good fortune to be introduced to Debbie Laniado. It was a life changing experience. With her help and guidance, I modified my eating habits and with various vitamins, dietary supplements and colonic irrigation I have lost 40 lbs in weight and feel fitter and healthier than for many years.

I have now had my hip replacement operation, am recovering well and looking forward to a more active and healthier life.

With most of the important decisions in our lives, we seek professional help. Few of us would think of buying a house without the help of a solicitor, so why do we think we can fix our life style, our diet, our health on our own?

If you need a guide to find your way to this healthier lifestyle, I can wholeheartedly recommend Deborah Laniado.

—Ian Warrener


Rowena Rolt

Fantastic result!

The hygenist said that my gums have healed remarkable well and she is really impressed!

She explained that she hasn't had holistic training but is now going to research tea-tree oil and recommend it to her patients.

So no need for me to see the gum specialist! Yey!

Thanks Deborah, I am delighted! x Rowena x

—Rowena Rolt


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